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Upgrade Your design Team through continuous development.

Sometimes the rare gem is already there.



of employees will stay

if they get development opportunities.




higher income per employee

in companies with training programs.




of employees prefer to learn or train

in the workplace.


We establish a culture of continuous improvement & innovation, ensuring that your team remains adaptable & competitive in a rapidly evolving industry.

Start Upskilling Your Team

Build up your team skills with dedicated mentoring & coaching.


Design Leadership

Embrace a holistic approach to developing your skills as a Design Leader. This curriculum covers team management, innovation, change management, ethics, and crisis management.

7-module program
Tailor-made program

Research System

Understanding what a Research System is allows you to gain perspective by detaching yourself from your repository tool, which, although important, is only one tool in a much more complex system.

10-module program
Tailor-made program

Research for Designers & PMs

Unveil the fundamental principles of User Research, from data collection methodologies to techniques for analysing and interpreting the results.

4-module program
Tailor-made program

Need something else?

We already have over 1000 hours of training under our belts on various matters such as cognitive psychology, Design Systems, Research... Let’s build a custom progression plan together.

-module program
Tailor-made program
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Why trust us

with your team upskilling?

How about a partner that understand the specific needs of design teams?

We are designers ourselves, so... that looks like a match 🫶.
Adapted & flexible formats.

We ensure a personalized & effective learning experience adapted to your specific needs.

Upskilling shots.

We offer flexible time slots tailored to your schedules.

Identification of team improvement areas.

We organize briefs, surveys, workshops, career paths... to identify your team needs.

Support & follow-up.

We provide constructive feedback to identify your strengths and weaknesses. This allows us offer long-term ongoing guidance to help you improve and achieve your goals.

Find The Right One(s)

They have strengthened their teams thanks to our programs.

My teams want to improve
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"Designshot offers a warm welcome and a fast, targeted approach but also relaxed but straight to the point interviews. We were able to find "The" designer as soon as the second profile was submitted. I liked the human approach to communication, the company's strong values, the refined processes, the real specialists! Competitors tend to be 'pushy', but here you can have an intelligent, human discussion, you know you're dealing with passionate people. "
Romain Ricordel
Product Designer @ Veepee
"As far as your support for Dovetail is concerned, I found it to be top quality and we clearly feel more at ease today. You and I suffered from the instability of the team between the launch of the project and today, but in the end we've got something good. A good 4 out of 5 stars"
François Meunier
Head of User Research @ Canal +

We favour an active & participative teaching approach, with theoretical & practical inputs applied through real-life project situations.

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Meet the faces behind some 
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Axel Johnston

Executive Talent Acquisition

Lisa Misiaszek

Executive Talent Acquisition

Kelly Boreh

Senior Talent Acquisition

We keep your team improving using cryptic methods 
we can’t disclose.

Or can we ? 🤔

Upskill Your Team
1. LinkedIn’s Workforce Learning Report
2. Forbes