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Every expert designer has a story. Maybe it's the story of how you solved a difficult problem or the story of how you found inspiration in an unlikely place. Or maybe how you overcame a design challenge.Whatever your design story is, it's worth sharing.

And one of the best ways to share your design story is by creating a masterclass.

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Onboarding call - est. 30min

Meet your interviewer

Meet your interviewer during this onboarding call.

You will get our recording guidelines and your interview script. We will also discuss and confirm your story thematic.
Interview preparation call - est. 60min

Prepare your interview script

During the second call, we will review your interview script.

We created a custom interview script so you can have the freedom you need if you already have a clear idea of what you want to share, but also super guiding if you don't.
Recording call - est. 120min

Be interviewed

It's time to shine!
The third call is the recording.

You will get a private link to meet your interviewer, and we will go through the interview script. You can share any slides, tools, or screens or simply follow your interviewer's lead.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Have some questions about our platform and what we offer? We've got you covered! Check out some of our frequently asked questions and their answers below.
What is a Design Story?

A Design Story is a masterclass created by design experts willing to share their insights and achievements on a specific topic.

More than just technical content, a Story is meant to inspire designers by sharing smashing designers' journeys and experiences.

Can I apply even if I'm not sure about what I want to talk about?

Of course!

As experienced designers, your design journey matters, and you certainly have a lot of stories to share. Mistakes you did, tips you want to share, frameworks you tested, or concepts you want to deploy at scale.

During the onboarding call, we will help you decide the most relevant and inspiring content to share. We created an interview framework to transform any idea into a design masterclass for others.

How much time will it take me?

Just 3 calls since we take care of the video recording and post-production:

1. 30min for your onboarding call. You will get guidelines and meet your interviewer.

2. 60min for your preparation call. We will discuss the content and topic of your Story and fill together your interview script.

3. 120min for your recording. You simply jump into our recording platform and follow your interviewer’s lead.

What happen if I need to modify or add content into my story?

You can ask our team to record an updated version of your Story, or just some additional parts, to make changes depending on trends or if the techniques become outdated.

You can also create a brand new and Story with us!

We take care of the rest.

The post-production process is where our team is really shine. Your story is ready to be share and to inspire thousand of designers around the world.
I have a Story to share