Team Dynamics

Lead your team from dysfunction to peak performance.

Take your team to its next development level.



of cross-department teams
are dysfunctional.




have defined the attitudes that make

their high performers so special.




of organizations  struggle

to find talent with strong soft skills.


We help you build symbiotic design teams with an optimal structure to maximize creativity, productivity, & innovation.

Assess Your Team

5 ways your team could be dysfunctional…

Lack of Trust

  • Hesitate to ask for help
  • Conceal weakness
  • Dread meetings and avoid team members

Restore Trust

  • Safe environment to speak up
  • Team members help each other
  • Leverage strengths for the team

Fear of Conflict

  • Go around problems
  • Do not confront tough issues or behaviors
  • Lack of transparency drives confusion

Gain Confidence in Dialogue

  • Confront problems and issues quickly
  • Develop practical solutions
  • Get input from team members, minimal politics

Lack of Commitment

  • Ambiguous direction & priorities
  • Revisit discussion again and again
  • Absenteeism

Embark Your Team

  • Buy in and alignment on common objectives
  • Clear direction and priorities
  • Highly engaged team members

Avoidance of Accountability

  • Missed deadlines and key deliverables
  • Poor performance is tolerated and creates environment of resentment

Make Everyone Accountable

  • Poor performers are managed and held accountable
  • Same standards apply to everyone

Inattention to Results

  • Poor performance & results
  • High team turnover

Value Outcomes

  • Outstanding & recurring team results
  • Highly motivated & engaged team

…& how team dynamics are crucial to achieve

Navigate between development stages of your design teams.

As theorized by Tuckman in his team development model.

1. Forming

Harnessing diverse talents, we assist in forming cohesive teams by aligning individuals with your organizational vision.

2. Storming

Navigating through challenges, our talent solutions help teams address  conflicts and establish effective collaboration strategies

3. Norming

We foster a culture of shared norms and expectations, ensuring teams thrive with clear roles and mutual trust.

4. Performing

Empowering your teams to excel, our talent acquisition strategies drive high-performance outcomes and goal achievement

5. Adjourning

Even as projects conclude, our support extends with seamless transition strategies, setting the stage for future successes.

We act upon both relational & structural factors.

Instead of focusing our diagnosis on individuals within your design organization, we adopt a more holistic approach where we see the team as a whole. It helps unveiling strengths and identifying areas for improvement.



  • Effort
  • Clarity of Purpose
  • Construction of meaning
  • Self-management


  • Coordination
  • Satisfaction
  • Knowledge share
  • Feeling secure


  • Trust
  • Cohesion
  • Feedback
  • Conflict Management


  • Meaningfulness
  • Autonomy
  • Capability
  • Impact


  • Innovation
  • Reflectivity
  • Adaptability
  • Learning environment


  • Role complementarity
  • Participative decision-making
  • Monitoring
  • Belief in team


"As far as your support for Dovetail is concerned, I found it to be top quality and we clearly feel more at ease today. You and I suffered from the instability of the team between the launch of the project and today, but in the end we've got something good. A good 4 out of 5 stars"
François Meunier
Head of User Research @ Canal +
"Designshot offers a warm welcome and a fast, targeted approach but also relaxed but straight to the point interviews. We were able to find "The" designer as soon as the second profile was submitted. I liked the human approach to communication, the company's strong values, the refined processes, the real specialists! Competitors tend to be 'pushy', but here you can have an intelligent, human discussion, you know you're dealing with passionate people. "
Romain Ricordel
Product Designer @ Veepee


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