Join A Guild Of Designers Who Operates In The Shadows.

Designshot is a secret design society where rituals, connections and sharp sharing take place.

Discover The Lodges

Our regular Design Rituals.

Design gatherings take place each week with intimate and classified meetings to create mutual growth and connection with members. Each lodge has its  expert, sharp and secret rituals every week. Find the perfect design match to achieve whatever your aim is.

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The Designshot Conclave.

Every year, the secret Conclave gathers in the privacy of mysterious, and hidden places. It's one of the most eagerly awaited moments of the year, when every member can connect, learn and enjoy special encounters over dinners and mysterious activities.

Unveil The Secrets Of Our Exclusive Lodges.



Design Leaders

  • For the Visionaries and Design Leaders
  • Where executives share experiences, strategies, and visionary insights on leading design at the highest levels.
  • Forge invaluable relationships with the executives of the design industry.


FR -

 EN (coming soon)

Senior Researchers

  • For the Knowledge Seekers
  • Gain exclusive access to groundbreaking research, cutting-edge methodologies, and insights.
  • Connect with fellow research innovators and explore the frontiers of design inquiry.


FR -

 EN (coming soon)

System Designers

  • For the Crafters and Innovators
  • Collaborate with fellow specialists to innovate and build groundbreaking design systems.
  • Access exclusive design challenges and be at the forefront of design system evolution.


FR -

 EN (coming soon)

Product Designers

  • For the Creatives and Pixel-perfect Guardians.
  • Where UX/UI Designers share about skills, collaboration and cutting-edge techniques.
  • Access exclusive workshops, challenges and sharing sessions


FR -

 EN (coming soon)

DesignOps Experts

  • For the Orchestrators and Efficiency Advocates
  • Where DesignOps, ResearchOps & ProductOps leaders converge to share operational wisdom,  driving efficiency and scalability in design operations.
  • Forge pivotal alliances within the Ops realm, engaging with leaders at the forefront of optimizing design processes.

Our secret process

And here’s how
your design journey begins.

Phase 1

The application

Here your journey begins : enter our Discord & apply to join the secret society and be accepted in one specific lodge.

Phase 2

The selection

We process applications and make a careful selection.

Phase 3

The initiation

For three months, your contribution to the Society is carefully considered.

Phase 4

The elevation

After 3 months if you pass the initiation, you’ll be elevated as an official member of the Society.

A new journey begins

Gatherings, symposiums, conclaves and many other rituals happen behind closed doors.

Discover our mysterious roles

Join our design society against the dark forces of Business - Climb levels, defend users' needs, and craft dad jokes to save the day!

Beginner tier


Here, newcomers embark on their journey, eager to unveil the mysteries and secrets held within our ranks. As an Initiato, you cannot recruit others; instead, focus on showcasing your prowess and determination to ascend to greater heights.

Engaged tier


 Having journeyed through the Initiato phase, Elevato members step into a new role of responsibility and influence. This tier grants the privilege to initiate and guide new aspirants, sharing wisdom garnered through experience.

Prestigious tier


Attaining this prestigious rank demands unwavering dedication and active involvement in shaping the fabric of our community. The Maestro signifies a profound dedication and a deep understanding of its hidden mysteries.

Highest tier

Gran Maestro

Attaining this highest echelon is a feat achieved by only a select few, reserved for pioneers who have consistently guided and advised fellow members. Beyond mere participation; they are trailblazers, pioneering processes that enrich our society.

Shadow tier


The Architetto level is a staff only exclusive tier. This role holds unparalleled secrecy within our esteemed ranks. Their pivotal role remains hidden from the public eye, yet their contributions serve as the silent backbone of our esteemed community.


Become a secret member

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