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Whether you're looking for Design Leaders, Executives, Trainers, Coaches, or individual Design contributors. We can provide from juniors to executives & visionary talents.

Our Design talent acquisition services.

Find the perfect Design match to achieve whatever you aim for.

& Executives

Elevate your team with elite design leaders and visionary executives. We specialize in finding the brightest stars in the design galaxy to lead your creative forces.

& Coaches

Our talent curation extends to nurturing and refining your team's skills, with expert trainers and coaches who ignite creativity and drive excellence in shadow.

Individual contributors

We meticulously select and deploy exceptional individual contributors, each a design virtuoso in their own right, to fortify your creative ranks.

Some of our rare clients who are in the confidence.


In the shadows, we've silently summoned countless design talents to reshape companies, a number known only to our inner circle.



In our broad database of over a thousand registered design professionals, prepared to propel the growth of your business.

We rigorously look for the ideal fit for your group, come discover the effectiveness of customized hiring with us.




Through our meticulous and mysterious candidate selection process, bridging people who share the vision and values of our  clients.


15 days


Helping find the ideal candidate hassle-free.

We ensure a throughout assessment to match your specific requirements, ensuring a seamless fit within your organization.


Our secret weapon

From juniors to strategic executives & creative visionaries, we unearth design gems across the spectrum.

Product Design | Brand Design | DesignOps | UX Writing | User Research | Design Strategy | System Design


Head Of


Chief Design Officer




Principal Designer



La Collection

Design Advisor for fast growing startup

Contributed to the dynamic growth of La Collection by placing a skilled Design Advisor, bolstering their creative vision in the intersecting world of NFTs and museums.


Canal +


Successfully placed a top-notch ResearchOps specialist at Canal+, demonstrating our commitment to bolstering clients' research capabilities and operational effectiveness.



3 Design Teachers

Successfully placed three Design Teachers for Ynov, contributing to their commitment to high-quality user experience education.


France Télévisions

2 Brand Designer & 1 System Designer

Delighted to have successfully placed two talented Brand Designers and one System Designer at France Télévisions, contributing to the iconic brand's visual innovation and systematic design approach

We're a devoted team operating in shadows.

Axel Johnston

Executive Talent Acquisition

Lisa Misiaszek

Executive Talent Acquisition

Kelly Boreh

Senior Talent Acquisition

We select the perfect design profile using rituals you’d rather not know about.

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