Use Storytelling to Succeed Faster.

A Story by

Jessica Gardner

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Use Storytelling to Succeed Faster.

Speaker: Jessica Gardner

Jessica Gardner is a storytelling and communication coach living in Silicon Valley.

This story traces the evolution of Jessica’s journey in helping designers craft compelling portfolios. She identifies common pitfalls and introduces her storytelling approach.

Chapters delve into research, concise storytelling, and audience targeting. In this story she shares significant insights, tips, tools and resources such as a Portfolio Storytelling Workbook. She also shares mistakes, lessons learned, and a commitment to iteration underscore the importance of niche specialization.

She will discuss the evolution and the importance of continually meeting the audience's needs.

More about your design speaker

Jessica Gardner is a storytelling and communication coach who has helped hundreds of designers tell better stories. She understands what a struggle it is to present your work confidently, and she aims to make it easier for you.

Storyteller: She loves telling stories in her sessions, in the classroom, in workshops, in her writing, and socially with family or friends.

Teacher: This means she can make complex tasks manageable, give encouraging feedback, and explain ideas clearly.

Listener: She has decades of experience supporting others as a coach, teacher, mentor, colleague, admin, friend, wife, big sister, oldest daughter, and auntie.

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