Designing AI with People in Mind.

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Ahmed Aly

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Designing AI with People in Mind.

Speaker: Ahmed Aly

Ahmed is a digital designer and design leader, born and raised in Egypt and currently living and working in Stockholm Sweden.

AI brings brings both exciting opportunities and worrisome challenges. well designed AI will help us, humans, to benefit from the capabilities of AI while stay in control.

It is an opportunity and a duty for us ,designers, to form the foundational guidelines of designing trustable and explainable AI technology.

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Ahmed is a digital designer and design leader. Born and raised in Egypt and currently living and working in Stockholm Sweden. He started his design career back in 2005. He's currently a lead designer at Google, formerly a senior specialist of UX & AI at Ericsson, and ex- senior UX designer at LEGO. He strives to design digital experiences that not only work well for the users, but also contribute to make the world a better place in general.

One of his focus areas is to design human-centered Artificial Intelligence (AI) experiences that utilise the power of AI while keep humans in control.

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