Atomic Research: Take your user research to the next level

In this Story you will get expert tips on creating a knowledgebase, using it in your daily workflow, and making it easily accessible to people both inside and outside of your company. We'll also discuss some of the challenges that come along with managing a repository, and how to troubleshoot when things go wrong. ‍ Enroll with Axel now and get exclusive insights about the methology. - ‍What is Atomic Research - When and how to implement Atomic Research? - Atomic Research vs Research System, what is the difference?
33 video lessons (7:35) with Axel Johnston
Audio: French - Subtitle: None
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Welcome - 4 videos

Meet your instructor Axel. Axel will talk about his professional journey and how he deploys multiple research systems in the past.

  • Introduction (4:52)
  • The program (2:23)
  • Join the discord community (1:04)
  • Quiz (0:39)

Atomic Research - 8 videos

Get to understand what is Atomic Research and the key benefits of deploying the methology

  • What is Atomic Research (9:22)
  • Nuggets, Insights and Highlights (4:59)
  • Atomic Research, Research Systems and Research Repository (1:52)
  • What's about ResearchOps (2:11)
  • The benefits of Atomic Research (7:25)
  • The actors of Atomic Research (6:50)
  • How to convaince your company to deploy a Research System (Coming soon)
  • Books and sources (1:12)

Chapter's mission: Define your goal and actors (2:33)

How to deploy Atomic Research - 5 videos

In this chapter, Axel will introduce you his 5 level of maturity for Research Repository.

  • The 5 levels of maturity (6:51)
  • Which meetings to deploy (5:49)
  • How to deploy a Research System without researcher (3:54)
  • What skills for a Research System lead (1:56)
  • Should I start with a POC? (Coming soon)
  • The Research System Sprint (Coming soon)

Chapter's mission: Define your deployment strategy (2:19)

Research System tools - 6 videos

This chapter will evolve during time with the demo of the principal tools.

  • Research System tools
  • Dovetail (33:08)
  • Condens (42:12)
  • Notion (72:28)
  • (33:11)
  • Enjoy HQ (30:29)

Chapter's mission: Pick your research system tool (Coming soon)

Taxonomy - 5 videos

Get what is a taxonomy and how to build one.

  • What is a Taxonomy (2:07)
  • How to define your taxonomy (8:34)
  • The 7 rules for your dovetail taxonomy (7:29)
  • Shoud I do a specific or generic taxonomy (4:13)
  • Some examples (1:52)

Chapter's Mission: Create your taxonomy (1:24)

Weekly calls - 5 videos

Get every weekly call replays with your story.

  • Replay 1 : Taxonomy, multi language Research Repository, Topics Dovetail (37:22)
  • Replay 2 : Governance, Research Repository without Atomic Research (20:48)
  • Replay 3 : Taxonomy, Extensions and data fields (22:12)
  • Replay 4 : Generic or Specific taxonomy, Extensions or project (27:00)
  • Replay 5 : Insights vs Stories, topics Dovetail usage (39:29)
  • And more to come

The pioneer of atomic research

Axel has a cognitive science engineering background and 12 years of UX design, Service design & DesignOps experience. He worked for the video game industry, military, cockpits, B2E applications, B2B SAAS, B2C mobiles apps, 5 billion revenue websites, space & satellites, and music festivals. He managed design teams for large organizations, design agency, and fast-growing startup.

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