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Help designers around the world by sharing your story and make a big impact on our design world.

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Tell your story, create your own design masterclass.

Every expert designer has a story. Maybe it's the story of how you solved a difficult problem or the story of how you found inspiration in an unlikely place. Or maybe how you overcame a design challenge.

Whatever your design story is, it's worth sharing. And one of the best ways to share your design story is by creating a masterclass.

Share your design journey by being interviewed by us.

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Create your design story in no time

As a designer expert, we know you don't have all the time you'd like to create your own masterclass. You don't need to spend hours on end crafting brilliant content. We have an interview team that will get the job done for you in no time at all!

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Become a voice that matters in design

Be part of a world-class design network and join a recognized designers' movement to help the design world grow and make a better World. Make your voice and your design vision heard and make a difference in Design.

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And get rewarded as people watches you

Get rewarded to teach people what you know. It's a great way for expert mentors like yourself, who have valuable skills and experience in their field of expertise-to make some extra cash on the side while helping others learn from them too!

Create highly sharp content for advanced designers.

A lot of design contents already exists on the market but the need for expert and specific design content is growing more and more.

Rookie and intermediate designers are always searching for design content to improve theirselves, but advanced designers too.

Help all designers take their practise and vision to the next level by sharing your experience and inspire all of them to go further.

Share my story!
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Designshot's team members sitting accross a living room smiling at you

Meet your dedicated team of designers.

We’re here to help! From the start to the end of the content creation process, we’re with you, helping you to find the best topics and the best engaging framework. We're here for every step of your journey and we won't let anything fall through the cracks! Our team has got this - they will make sure that everything goes smoothly from start-to finish with the 3 following and simple steps:

Meet the team

An easy and simple process for the most inspiring content.

your thematic

The 1st step of your onboarding is about determining together the design subject you would like to share to the community. We will provide you all the resources to create a great content and help you to build your story framework.

To do that, we will need to schedule 1 or 2 calls with you, nothing more.

Prepare your content with us

The 2nd step is your content prep. We already prepared a framework to help you to plan, together your story and to create an engaging content with storytelling. 

We will need to schedule 1 call or more if you need and help you to create your content live on line with you.

Be recorded during your interview

Once your framework is ready, it’s time to shoot! We will schedule another and last call so we can interview you in live, using the content we created together.

Interview format allows us to offer an easy, natural, and human content for viewers. This gives us the opportunity to really get a feel for who you are.

For this last step of recording, we will need to schedule a 1 hour call with you.

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We take care of the rest.

The post-production process is where we really shine. For that final step, you won’t need to do anything! Our team will edit the interview record into a compelling story that suits you perfectly.And voilà! Your story is ready to be share and to inspire thousand of designers around the world.
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Ask questions

1. What is a Designshot story?


A designshot story is nothing more than a design masterclass. A story is one or several videos created by our design advisors focusing on a particular design subject.

The name “story” is used to demonstrate in a way that design advisors’ contents are not just technical design tutorials but are more about telling a story to members, inspiring them with your experience, your failures, and success but also (of course) your design skills. We believe that becoming a great and successful designers is not just about technique but also about the journey.

2. Who can be a design advisor?


A design advisor has to have more than 8 to 10 years of experience in the design industry.

He must have lead design teams or organizations, and led a specific design topic in order to inspire designers.

3. Why would I create a story?


Your story matters. Creating your Story is an opportunity for you to share your design journey with designers from all around the world. You will help them to improve their skills, build a great career, in a word to become a better designer.

As experienced designers and design leaders with an inspiring journey, we have the power to help thousands of people better designers or better design leaders. This is also a chance to share your message, and your design vision to all and have an impact on the design world.

4. Can I apply even if I'm not sure about what I want to talk about?


Yes, of course !

We’ll be glad to help your to find the perfect topic for your story.

As experienced designers, you can have multiple specialized skills and it’s totally ok, we can help you determine what subject is the most relevant and which offer the most value to our community.

5. What is the onboarding process to create my story ?


Your onboarding will take place in 5 steps :

  • One 1st call to determine the topic of your story and give you more tips about creating your content with us
  • A 2nd one to validate your story’s title and try to test and validate your set-up (lights, background, ambiance…)
  • Then we met again to validate your content’s framework, the time and storytelling elements.
  • We’re ready to shoot ! We organize with you a last call to support you while you are recording your content.
  • For the last step, it’s up to us ! We will edit the video and create the story in post-prod.

6. How long does it take to create a story ?


Including the 1st call to define your topic and the post production managed by our team, a story can be created between 5 and 11 weeks.

We will determine together when the story can be posted on Designshot website.

7. How long does my story have to be on the platform ?


Your story will be displayed on Designshot's website for at least 24 months.

Designshot's team members sitting accross a living room smiling at you

Designers want to hear your story.

Help designers around the world by sharing your story and make a big impact on our design world.

  • Help designers to become better at their craft

  • Be part of a world class design community

  • Get rewarded for your content

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