Head of Design KLM Digital
Head of Design KLM Digital
KLM Royal Dutch Airlines

JanWillem is Head of Design at KLM Digital. He as massive history in change management by business proces redesign. and working in new business development with last years in airlines/aviation industry. He loves (digital) strategy, growing teams and an entrepreneurial by nature.

English, Dutch
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Biggest Successes

30+ Direct leads

Janwillem managed 30+ direct leads and can coach you on how to stay sane

Multibrand design system

Janwillem led a global design system team that increase no only the product of designer but the morale too

T-shape profiles

Janwillem worked on aligning the skill set of a 30+ designer team through T-shape modelization

Design leader but not designer

Janwillem is managing 30 expert designers without any prior background in design

Disruption and massive turn over

COVID force Janwillem to reorganize the team with more than 20 people move in few months

Organizing designer career path

Janwillem organized a career path for designers in an industry-focus company



Head of Design @KLM

Creating and managing an international in-house design team of young internal junior and medior talent mixed with high profile external designers. The team delivers concept and delivery design for all AF and KL B2C channels (app, web, onboard, etc) in the scaled agile digital organization. 27 fte, ~2 mio budget, ~5mrd revenue (2019)

Digital program manager (around) onboard @KLM

Driving force behind two ground breaking flight related concepts and their realization : FlightGuide to manage expectations of KLM customers by informing them what they can expect from the service onboard ; and rate the Flight which enable customers to give feedback on their flight.

Created a new digital channel for Onboard Connectivity. Vendor and aircraft independent customer centric and used fleet wide with AF and KL aircrafts

Manager Social Business @KLM

Headed the responsive design program creating a responsive, components based klm.com that works on more than just a desktop ; making KLM the first airline with a fully responsive site along with a standardized component library for design (and cost) control.

e-Development Manager mobile @KLM

Responsible for the joint-mobile website that also provided the core functionality to the app. Fortunately also reponsible for killing it by moving to responsive design.

Functional consultant e-commerce @Martinair

Responsible for the daily operation of the entire digital landscape. Basically the KLM scope but on Madurodam scale. Consultant was a bit of understatement I learned by doing.

Founder @TringeLink.nl

TringeLink.nl was the smart online agenda for hairdressers. Janwillem ideated, designed, coded and ran the site for more than 12 years. Based on the concept that hair cosmetics suppliers would pay gold for the data and knowledge of their real customers. 50K appointments, a 10% revenue share and a massive data set later life threw quite sour lemons so we decided to make a different lemonade.

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What they said

Jan Willem is a real professional with strong analyticalskills allowing him to get a precise and general view of functionalmatters. His dedication to his role and his strong business viewallow him to design the best functional solutions.

Jean-Vincent Teuler