Accessibility and UX Design Consultant
Accessibility and UX Design Consultant

Dean is an Accessibility and UX Design Consultant, Speaker, and Accessibility advocate, who inspires companies to design more accessible solutions. Amongst other things, he designed award-winning apps which gave access to communication for non-verbal people, and led the design of a website to help make 60 million digital artefacts accessible to the world.

Time zone:
Central European Time (CET)

Biggest Successes


Spoken about different accessibility topics at numerous venues and companies, including the likes of Google, and Apple. Presenting my work on the Proloquo2Go and Proloquo4Text apps to Tim Cook was a huge honour

Award winner

Introducing the ability to search inside of an app used by low literacy, non-verbal users was a huge challenge. Through months of research, which took me from Europe, to the US, and Australia, I collaborated with my team and designed a solution which led to personal recognition, as I was awarded the UX Talent award in 2018.

Accessibility maturity

Through my 10+ years of design experience, and 8+ years of that designing through an accessibility lens, I have been able to help organisations grow on their own accessibility journey. Helping the likes of KLM, AirFrance, eBay and Miro shift their accessibility thinking from the testing phase to product/feature definition.



Accessibility and Design System consultant @KLM

Focusing on improving the accessibility of all customer-facing touchpoints (future website, mobile app(s), kiosk, email) for both Air France and KLM. Performing manual accessibility tests for the products, and working with the Design Systems team to ensure accessibility considerations are front and centre.

Accessibility Consultant @Miro

Providing accessibility support on the core app. Presenting key findings to the teams involved, offering suggestions and fixes where possible.

Accessibility and Design System consultant @eBay

Working with the DesignOps lead to help build the eBay Design System. Establishing accessibility as a core throughout the system.

Accessibility Design Speaker/Trainer @Google & @Apple

Dean had the pleasure of speaking at the offices of large recognised companies such as Google and Apple, and also experienced the joy of talking at smaller events and seeing new designers get new insights. Helping people to understand that accessibility is usability is my key goal.

Senior UX Designer @AssistiveWare

Dean designed meaningful applications for people with physical, vision, communication and reading impairments.

During my time at AssistiveWare I helped increase their knowledge of user-centred design, which led to many improvements through the apps, including the new user flows for Proloquo2Go and Proloquo4Text, and the Search function in Proloquo2Go, which led to a UX Talent award from the Aquent agency.

Accessibility Consultant @freelance

Through accessibility audits, internal workshops or presentations, or working directly on design problems inside a company's design library I help businesses reach wider audiences, strengthen brand reputation and comply with legal guidelines.

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What they said

Dean has made an amazing work leading the process of integrating accessibility into KLM & Air France. He has done great work supporting our Design System by helping us to have accessible components.

Besides that he also helped to increase the knowledge of the design team and the entire product team by doing workshops, creating accessible design solutions and supporting the team in general. He is a very easy-going colleague, always up for new ideas and very supportive. He is also very present in the design community by speaking in public

Luiza Breier