Creator of Atomic Research & founder
Creator of Atomic Research & founder
United Kingdom

Daniel is a User Experience Designer from a digital UI design background, with a strong understanding of UX strategy, accessibility and design systems. He worked with some major FTSE100 brands, several innovative start-ups, founded and sold a few of his own and co-founded a mid-sized digital agency. He benefits from a wealth of experience in lean product design, moving quickly to design, prove and launch digital products that are quick-to-market whilst being desirable and profitable. This is ideal for startups or large companies with a new digital product or app that they want to launch. He believes in the power of accessibility to make a better product for all. Design for the extremes and the middle will benefit.

Time zone:
Central European Time (CET)

Biggest Successes

Creator of Atomic Research

Daniel invented a concept called Atomic UX Research to solve the issue of how to store and distribute UX learnings.

Design Entrepreneur

Daniel founded and sold a few of his own businesses and co-founded a mid-sized digital agency

Head of UX for a unicorn, across 15 countries

Daniel led the UX for Android apps across 15 countries for Just Eat, the world's leading online food business

Fast-growing teams

Daniel hired +12 people within 18 months



Co-founder @Glean.ly

While working to solve the issue of how to store and distribute UX learnings in a way that everyone in the business could use and benefit from them he invented a concept called Atomic UX Research.

A co-founder and him built Glean.ly as a UX knowledge repository that uses the power of Atomic UX Research to connect insights even across experiments.

UX Research and Design consultant @Clarks

He joined to run a short term project to gain a deeper understanding of how customers purchase shoes for their children. Using user testing and atomic UX research methodology to generate insights of customer needs, goals and issues to discover areas for improvement and innovation.

He was retained to manage and improve the experience for homepage, navigation, header, search, department pages and product listing pages.
They celebrated many measurable successes (including reducing bounce by 7.5% and increasing traffic to key trading categories by over 15%) while helping the relatively new team make their mark, find their voice and prove their value into the wider company.

Head of UX @The Acorn Collective

The Acorn Collective wants to make crowdfunding free. They’re building a blockchain-based crowdfunding platform that is free-to-use and allows almost any legal project from almost any country to be listed on our platform.

His role was to help the startup create a vision of their first release. This culminated in a project vision showcase that helped them raise over £40 million in crowd-raised funding.

Leading with a discovery process, he worked with internal stakeholders, industry experts, as well as the project founders/backers themselves to identify the perfect solution for the V1 product.

Head of Accessibility & UX @JustEat

Just Eat is the world's leading online food business and one of the UK's few unicorns. He led the UX for Android apps across 15 countries - Supporting the platform through a rebrand and fast paced changes. One of his aims has been to get everyone in the Android Container team involved in the design process. Through this they have discovered the power of encouraging design thinking at every level. Using an agile framework, with rapid prototypes and a mix of validation techniques to measurably improve the UI, they celebrated some big wins.

He also head up an accessibility initiative, through which they were leading the industry in removing barriers, so everyone can enjoy a tasty meal delivered to their door.

Head of Design @IE Marketing communications

IE were a traditional marketing agency with a solid client base but wanted someone to help modernise them and grow their digital side to compliment their wealth of experience and marketing knowledge. He led a rebrand of the agency, introduced new techniques and systems and the move to city centre offices.

He was able to help them introduce fresh offerings such as mobile web and apps. This led to the acquisition of some major new clients. Working with a small but very skilled team it was a joy to turn the marketing strategy into creative solutions working closely with copywriters and developers.

Co-founder & Creative Director @BeppTreat

He was co-founder of this award-winning retail concept that turned customers in bricks-and-mortar locations into online brand promoters.

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What they said

I had a blast working with Dan while he was at Clarks. He delivered great quality work and brought together a number of key stakeholders to ensure the process went smoothly.

Dan brought a wealth of usability research methods, prototyping and ideation techniques that positively showcased the value of UX and was instrumental in some of our latest deployments and A/B tests which have shown extremely positive results. I hope Dan comes back to work at Clarks one day, but until then he'd be an asset to any team.

Paul Randall
United Kingdom