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Our mission is to bring together passionate designers from around the world who share our values of exploration, expertise, shaking up the status quo, and mutual support. We know that design is not just a job, it's a way of life, and our community reflects this shared passion.

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Benefit from a vast network of over 700 designers, researchers and writers worldwide. Connect, collaborate, and engage with design professionals from diverse backgrounds.

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Join our community and unlock the potential of a global network of designers. Engage in discussions, exchange ideas, and find inspiration from talented individuals who share your love for design.

Whether you're seeking feedback on your latest project or looking for collaborators, our community is here to foster meaningful connections that go beyond borders.

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We understand the unique challenges, aspirations, and passion that drive creative minds. Our community provides a supportive and inspiring environment where designers from around the globe come together to connect, learn, and grow

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🎨 Branding

Unlock the power of branding: discover our dynamic channel dedicated to elevating your brand strategy.

🧠 Designops

DesignOps: streamlining creativity and efficiency in design. Explore our channel to master the art of design operations.

🤖 Prompt-design

Embrace the future of design: exploring AI-driven creativity on prompt design. Join the conversation and harness the power of artificial intelligence in design.


Unlock your design potential: connect with expert mentors on 'Ask Mentors' channel. Get your burning design questions answered by seasoned professionals.

🙇 Career-questions

Navigate your design career: engage with 'Career Questions' channel to explore job opportunities and gain insights from industry experts.

🖥 Portfolio

Showcase your creative brilliance: exhibit your design portfolio on the 'Portfolio' channel and make a lasting impression."

🐣 Fluffy-friends

Let the battle of #TeamCat vs. #TeamDog begin ! (other fluffy or not so fluffy pets are welcome as well)

🤣 Gifs-and-memes

Need a break ? This is your new fav stop between two tasks. (Don't let that become a habit tho !)

💯 Counting

Engage in the Infinite Counting Challenge, Where the Rules are Simple - Counting Up to Infinity!

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... and exclusive clubs to extend your network

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Private club

🌟 The Design BigShots

The french Head of Design / VP design’s club in which you can discuss about methods, advices, processes, etc.

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Public club

🎤 Upshots

The french User researcher’s club to improve your research operations by sharing tools, advices, experiences, ect.

Private club

🧱 Shotmakers

The french private club of design system leaders, working on a complex eco-system.

Apply to the Shotmakers private club

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